Tack 'n Togs expands digital presence

Published on: Jan 10, 2013
Tack ‘n Togs, the information leader for the equestrian retail sector, is pleased to announce its expansion into the digital arena.

For the past 45 years, Tack ‘n Togs has been putting ink to paper as its primary communication tool. On January 2, the publication launched an all new website along with a renewed commitment to provide equestrian retailers with the latest in cutting-edge content related to business management and marketing.

“We at Tack ‘n Togs know the importance of being informed and with the launch of our entirely redesigned website, we are striving to help retailers be just that,” said editor and publisher Sarah Muirhead.

Muirhead noted that Tack ‘n Togs is particularly excited about the new features showcased on www.TacknTogs.com and its new mobile app, http://mobile.TacknTogs.com, and what they will mean for retailers. “On our new sites we will be featuring the latest in product launches and industry news as well as useful retail and marketing tips. Our primary goal is that of further strengthening our engagement with retailers,” she said.

In addition to a ramped up digital presence, Tack ‘n Togs continues to connect with retailers each week through its Industry Update newsletter and Facebook fan page.

Also available on www.TacknTogs.com and http://mobile.TacknTogs.com is the one and only Tack ‘n Togs Annual Buyers Guide, the most extensive and reliable information source for equestrian products and services.

For Tack ‘n Togs advertising clients, the new digital products will allow for greater overall exposure, including larger advertising spots and increased audience reach.

For more information, visit www.TacknTogs.com.