Resistol to make official Duck Commander branded headwear

Published on: Aug 21, 2013

Resistol Hats and RHE Hatco have entered into a long-term agreement with the immensely popular Duck Commander Brand. 

Duck Commander is best known as the duck call company founded by Phil Robertson and run by the Robertson family, stars of the top-rated reality TV series, Duck Dynasty.  The Robertson family have expanded their Louisiana-based  call-making  company into a national phenomenon and A&E Television Network’s most watched series.

The multi-million dollar Duck Commander Company is now led by Phil’s son, Willie, and includes family members Uncle Si, Jase, and Jep, who are known for their long flowing beards. They all share a passion for hunting and Southern traditions.

“Resistol is proud to partner with Duck Commander.”, said Stan Redding, President of RHE Hatco. “We are devoted hunters and love the outdoors.  Duck Commander and the Robertson’s appeal to all of America have brought millions of people to discover the joy of  hunting, as well as sharing time outside with friends & family.”

Resistol will work with Duck Commander to develop a line of branded  “Duck Commander” hats across multiple categories, including straw, wool and fabric headwear for men, women and children.   Select styles will be available to ship as soon as mid-September.

Duck Commander is a registered trademark of Duck Commander, Inc.  A&E Television Network™ is a registered trademark of A&E Television Network, LLC.

Hatco started in 1927 under the name Byer-Rolnick Hat Company manufacturing Resistol Hats.  Now in its 86th year and known as RHE Hatco, the company manufactures a multitude of headwear brands, including Stetson, Resistol, Charlie 1 Horse, Wrangler, and Dobbs in both men’s and women’s western and modern fashion styles.  As well as headwear, RHE Hatco also designs and markets the apparel brands Rancho Estancia, RU Apparel and Resistol Ranch.