Justin, JOW launch new marketing campaign

Published on: Oct 16, 2013

Justin Boots and Justin Original Workboots has recently launched a new marketing campaign to promote their domestic production efforts, the “Thank You” campaign. 

The Justin “Thank You” campaign allows the brands to say “thank you” to its consumers for purchasing boots bearing the Justin name, allowing Justin Boots and Justin Original Workboots to maintain their efforts to manufacture domestically.

In fact, Justin Brands – the parent company of these brands, owned by Berkshire Hathaway – acquired its fourth U.S. factory this year. Below are a few U.S. product figures that show the progress of these efforts.

Justin Brands, Inc. – U.S. production:

·         2012-2013 (through May): +27.3%

·         2011-2012: +27.3%

·         2010-2011: +10.2%

·         2009-2010: +13.5% 

Justin “Thank You” video message