Bucking horse pendants

Published on: Mar 15, 2013

Wyo-Horse introduces Made in USA bucking horse pendants

The bucking horse and rider image always conjures memories of Cheyenne, Pendleton, Wyoming, Fort Worth, and the NFR not to mention the everyday working cowboy. The new Wyo-Horse bucking horse pendants capture this spirit. These fantastic, spirited bucking horses are available in three colors - turquoise, coral or black beads.

These bucking horse necklace and earring sets are part of a made in the USA collection created by designer Kerstin Stock for Wyo-Horse, Inc. Other pieces include, cross, running horse, bear, moose, and bison charms. Each piece is made in Boulder, Colorado, of pewter and strung on assorted wood, metal, and crystal beads.  Wholesale price is $13. Suggested retail price is $30.00.


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